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March 7, 2002


Montgomery County Juvenile Court,


Pamela S. Settle & Michael R. Jackson transfer custody of their daughter Cheryl Angelica Jackson to their daughter Kristin S. Vazquez & her husband Adam Vazquez. Custody, per the discretion of the State of Tennessee, shall revert to Pamela Settle and Michael R. Jackson under such circumstances as Kristin is unable to care for Cheryl (e.g. Kristin is deployed elsewhere by the US Army).

1. Pamela S. Settle & Michael R. Jackson are residents of Massachusetts at 77 Edgehill Rd., Braintree

2. Kristin S. Vazquez is a resident of Tennessee.

3. Kristin S. Vazquez and Cheryl Angelica Jackson are biological daughters of Pamela S. Settle & Michael R. Jackson

Name Date of Birth Social Security #s

Michael R. Jackson October 20, 1955 012.38.7904

Pamela S. Settle December 8, 1951 140.44.2869

Kristin S. Vazquez August 14, 1979 025.62.3052

Cheryl A. Jackson December 25, 1986 020.74.7898





________________________ ________________________

Pamela S. Settle date Michael R. Jackson date

Signatures witnessed by Notary:____________________________________