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Begin typing here..... Hi Mike- here is the list. The 2 items that are asterisked I am going to have reviewed by Eric or Steve before publishing. Deb Premie info For parents of premies-commonly asked questions. [English and Spanish} Tommy's cybernursery premie page-One premie's story, also numerous links to other sites List of premie web sites, chat room available How to touch a premie- a guide to overstimulation, written by a veteran premie parent Article describing emotional reponses to becoming parents to a premature infant Leaving the hospital-article describing parents feelings when they are discharged from the hospital and must leave their baby behind. Understanding premie parents-an article addressed to extended family and friends explaining what parents may be experiencing. Gives suggestions about how to help, what to say or not say, what to do or not do. T-Bones survival tips for new premie parents-web site with several links/articles dealing with emotional or supportive needs of parents Prematures do grow up- several families post serial pictures of their growing premies You are not alone: For parents who learn their child has a disability- Article describing emotional responses of parents and several related links. Discharge info American Academy of Pediatrics car seat statement and info. After the NICU- a list of advice for when you bring your baby home, written by veteran NICU parent. ** Will my baby catch-up?- An article talking about the growth of the premature child through infancy-adolescence. ** Emory pediatrics- the developmental continuity program on-line resource center. Lists anticipated developmental milestones for the premature infant,also with FAQ section. General pedi info American Academy of Pediatrics website Kid source on-line - articles and links associated with child safety, developmental m httpilestones, education and parenting Premie merchandise Birth announcements for the premature infant Large assortment of premie clothing. Size 1-10 lbs., some clothing can be used with IV's. Clothing for premature infant. Sizes range form <1000 grams to 10 lbs. Premie clothing sized from 1-10 lbs. Economically priced but no IV sleeves. Breastfeeding Pumping and breastfeeding-article describing emotional responses to pumping with some troubleshooting suggestions Breastfeeding-article dealing with transitioning from pumping to nursing. The pain and difficulty in giving up pumping and breastfeeding-an article that discusses the circumstances and emotions that surround this decision. Nice commentary about what constitutes successful nursing. Letters from mothers who have breastfed triplets Can I breastfeed my premature baby?-FAQ's about breastfeeding the premie Multiples Mothers of twins website - articles and links for twins and higher order multiples Mothers of super twins - provide information packets for purchase in dealing with issues related to higher order multiples. [we have not tried these packets] On-line magazine requiring subscription, also has numerous multiple links Newsletter, links, Q+A, message board relating to triplets Message/chat boards Parent Soup message board, dedicated to premies List of premie web sites, chat room available