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Massachusetts Divorce Agreement

We, Pamela S. Settle & Michael R. Jackson wish to divorce, separate and split assests which we now share. We are currently residents of Massachusetts

Divorce shall be based upon irretrievable breakdown between Michael & Pamela.

Capital Gains of house (once sold & mortgages & other credit cards, loans and other debts paid off) is to be split 55% Pam 45% Michael.

No alimony is to be paid by either party.

We shall share joint custody of our children. We agree that the children shall stay with Pamela for now. Visitation rules are liberal and by mutual agreement with minimum one day/week set aside for time with father. Major holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving and child birthdays shall be evenly spilt annually between Michael and Pam. Pam and Michael shall enter each others new separate households only with expressed permission. Payments shall be made by Michael weekly of $265 to Pam for care of Bonnie & Cheryl. Pamela shall pay expenses of either of the younger two children who lives away from both Michael and Pamela. Michael is to pay off Kristi's debts and make payments on Karen's student loans.

Michael R. Jackson                                                                                                                                                                                                      Pamela S. Settle