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Lung Development-
6-8 wks - smooth muscle developing, cilliated cells, diaphragm complete,
10 wks  - cartilage deposition begins, goblet cells, submucosal glands
12 wks  - lobes of lung demarcated , primal breathing
14 wks  - arterial pattern recognizable by arteriogram
16 wks  - bronchial tree nearly complete , type I & II cells differentiate
20 wks  - capillary network developing lung fluid output increasing
24 wks  - sufficient capillary interface for gas exchange, surfactant arising
28 wks  - mature carotid bodies
28 wks  - interstitial tissues and saccule walls become thinner, maturing surfactant
36 wks - actual alveoli, 100ml/kg/day fluid output from lungs (fills to FRC level)
8 years - alveoli proliferate 100 to 700 million

Artery PO2 - 24
Venous PO2 - 48

amnio-afp(fetal tissue breakdown increases this),
L/S ratio, bili (rH incompatability)
creatnine -kidney
mec staining,
cytologic examination
fhr - audible 16-20 wks
fetal scalp - 7.25+
Nageles rule-  LMP-3m + 7d  derives EDC
Fundal height -cm height relates to weeks gestation
fetal heart beat
biophysical profile
chorionic villus sampling- chromosomal assessment of fetal tissue from placenta
estriol level
Biophysical Profile score 0 or 2 for each factor
Fetal Breathing one episode in 30 min
Gross movement three movements in 30 min
Fetal Tone extension flexion one in 30 min
Reactive NST two accellerations 15 BPM in 30 min
Amnionic Fluid Volume One pocket 1X1 cm in two directions
mec-500 grams stool passes 40% of time in post term