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  F&P Bubble CPAP Patient Interface

Nasal Tubing

  • Low resistance to flow resulting in low Work of Breathing (WOB)
  • Patented glider technology ensures proper fit preventing undue pressure-causing necrosis
  • Supports various caring positions like prone, supine, lateral, etc.
  • Collapsible extension tubing allows ease of circuit positioning and provides various length options to manage condensate
  • in boxes of 5's per size
Nasal Prongs

  • Soft, pliable and gentle on the baby’s nares
  • Anatomically curved for a comfortable fit
  • Available in 9 sizes based on prong diameter and width of septum
  • Has the largest bore possible to reduce resistance to flow and Work of Breathing (WOB)
  • Septum cut-away prevents septum necrosis
  • in boxes of 5's per size

Infant Bonnet
  • Holds the nasal tubing in place for ease of setup
  • Can open bonnet top to allow clinical procedures like ultrasound
  • Available in 4 sizes that are designated by the head circumference
  • Sizes are sewn on the bonnet for easy identification
  • in boxes of 5's per size