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                  SEPARATION AGREEMENT

We, Pamela S. Settle of Braintree and Michael R. Jackson of Braintree, hereby affirm and acknowledge that we  have
arranged for division and distribution of our property, both real and personal by mutual agreement. We, Pamela S. Settle & Michael R. Jackson wish to divorce, separate and split assests which we now share. We are currently residents of Massachusetts. Divorce shall be based upon irretrievable breakdown between Michael & Pamela.

1. Alimony:
No alimony shall be paid by either party now or in the future.

2. Children:
We shall share joint custody of our children. We agree that the unemancipated two (of four) children shall stay with Pamela for now.  The current intent is that Michael and Pamela shall live within the state of Massachusetts  for convenience of sharing child care responsibilities.
Visitation rules are liberal and by mutual agreement with minimum one day/week set aside for time with father from 9am until 10am the next day. One week of vacation time is set aside each year for both Michael and Pamela to spend with the children. Major holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving and child birthdays shall be evenly spilt annually between Michael and Pamela .   Payments shall be made by Michael weekly of $265 to Pamela for care of Bonnie & Cheryl. Pamela shall pay expenses of either of the  two unemancipated children who lives away from both Michael and Pamela.

3. Medical and dental bills and insurance:
Medical and dental insurance for unemancipated children shall be covered by Michael. Pamela shall cover her own medical and dental insurance. Pamela shall pay for the children's health plan co-payments. Kristin may cover medical expenses for unemancipated sisters under her custody.

4. Provisions for educational expenses of children, college, etc.
Michael and Pamela shall pay for college tuition costs for both emancipated and  unemancipated childern in the same proportion as their annual income.
Tuition for the daughter currently at college will be paid by Michael through Tuition for the oldest daughter (Kristin) shall be covered by tuition benefits of her U.S. Army service.Under such circumstances as Cheryl or Bonnie are dependants of Kristin, Kristin's benifits may cover their tuition.

5. Distribution of real property, payment of mortgage, taxes, and other expenses:
The house co-owned at 77 Edgehill Rd. Braintree, MA shall be placed on the market by June 10, 2002.
Capital Gains of house (once sold & mortgages & other credit cards, loans (except for student loans) and other debts paid off) is to be split 60% to Pamela and 40% to Michael. This proportion compensates for Pamela's payment from her inheritance of 20 thousand dollars at the time of purchase.

6. Distribution of automobiles:
Pamela shall take full responsibility for payments, liability and insurance on her VW Jetta.
Michael shall take full responsibility for liability and insurance on his Taurus Wagon.

7. Other matters concerning property of the spouses:
Michael and Pamela shall enter each others new separate households only with expressed permission.
Michael and Pamela waive all claims to each others retirement benefits.

8. Allowance for changes in circumstances:
Under such circumstances as Pamela passes custody of both unemancipated children to Michael, child care payments to Pamela will be suspended. If Michael assumes custody of one unemancipated child and Pamela retains one unemancipated child, Michael's payments to Pamela will be reduced by 40%.
Pamela S. Settle
Michael R. Jackson
Signed this                                                day of


NORFOLK DIVISION                                                  Date:_______________________

Then presonally apperaed spouse, and made oath the information contained in the foregoing agreement is true to the best of his/her knowledge or belief.

Before me, _______________________________________________ Notary Public
My Commission Expires:_____________________________________
(Each spouse's signature must be notarized-separatedly in the above manner on the Separation Agreement.)