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Mechanical Ventilators in the NICU
Non-synchronizing Synchronizing High Frequency
Non-synchronizing ventilators 
are used to deliver CPAP & 
Intermittent Manadatory 
Ventilation (IMV).

They may be used together 
with the jet ventilator to
combine high frequency & 'conventional' frequency 

Synchronizing ventilators 
deliver CPAP & synchronize
machine breaths (12-60/min) 
with baby breaths. (SIMV).

Some synchronizing ventilators 
have monitors that show graphic 
waves. Waves show flow, volume 
& pressure values.
High frequency ventilators 
give small breaths 600-900 
times per minute.  The two
forms of 'Hi-Fi' are Oscillators
(above) and Jets (below)
Nitric Oxide Delivery Pulmonary Function Analysis Other Ventilation